Are the sessions confidential?

Due to the often delicate information shared with me, confidentiality is of the highest importance. All information shared during sessions is confidential, as are the contents of your file.  If an instance arises in which a release of information would be helpful to you (whether for work or a physician), your written consent is necessary. The following are the only situations in which the law overrides the client-therapist confidentiality:

- Disclosure of abuse or neglect of a child or dependent in your care

- If you state the intention to physically harm another person or identifiable group of people

- If you state the intention to cause permanent, life-threatening injury to yourself

- If mandated by court

With regards to confidentiality, not only what you state in session, but also, the therapy relationship is confidential. This means that I will never greet you in public so as to betray the confidentiality of your working with me. Thus, please never assume I am being unfriendly, as I will  happily return a greeting if you initiate!! 

When are you available?

I am not always able to be available to you, but I do return messages as soon as I am able to do so in an appropriate space. I do not take confidential client calls in public spaces. Should an emergency arise when I am not available, please go to your physician, local clinic or emergency room. Keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor and can not reached for medical emergencies. Additionally, since I do not pick up my phone during sessions (thus, at least 1 hour at a time) I can not be an emergency contact. Thank you for your understanding! 

That being said, my work hours are from 10AM-7PM Monday through Thursday, and 10AM-6PM Fridays. I typically do not schedule sessions on the weekends.

How is payment arranged?

Unless we arrange otherwise, full payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer is required at the end of each session.  I do not accept payment for unrendered services. I do not offer any reduced fee for multiple sessions. You are responsible for any NSF charges should they be incurred. Except in the event of emergency or illness, I require 24 hours' notice to cancel a session without the fee being charged.


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