Amanda LutermanI provide individual, couple, and relationship therapy specialized in sexuality.  My approach is individualized and client-centered while borrowing techniques from both Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (i.e. emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and mindful living).

"Am I normal?" is ultimately one of the most common questions asked of a therapist specializing in sexuality. No question is silly or unwelcome. 

I mainly treat concerns of sexuality. My clients come to me for help finding, moving on from, or improving their relationships with either a partner, partners, or with themselves. You might seek to improve your sexual satisfaction, rekindle desire, discuss desire discrepancies in your relationship, reconcile sexual and/or erotic identity, or you might simply seek guidance being more adventurous. Some common topics are extremes of arousal and desire, difficulties with body image, genital body image, performance anxiety, self-criticism, sexual shyness, sexual aversion, childhood trauma, sexual assault at any age (within marriage, by an acquaintance, date, or stranger), incest, abuse of various types.

Trans folks are welcome to work with me through their process, as well through non-Trans specific topics like the workplace, while knowing their gender identity is safe in the room.  Bathrooms on my floor are unmarked onesies, FYI.

I do not specify only couples therapy as all relationship configurations are welcome. I have experience treating those in the kink community who practice BDSM', D/s, and a variety of fetishes and identifications. Those "in the lifestyle", and non-monogamous after many years as well as those who curious and/or exploring, are welcome to work with me.

The newly very popular label "sex or porn addiction" is not one I use. I treat those who feel their sexuality is out of control from a non-pathologizing harm-reduction approach that takes into account a sex-positive normalizing of sexual wellness as a key component of mental health.


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